Future is all on Type-pads and touch pads so if we can change life in touch and Type then we made the same through Future Thought power Machanisation with our In house Talented Team.

We at Proglobal Corp Developed few magnificent products known as Customized Software system for different needs of corporate and these are fully customizable as per the needs.

Our forte is our products we made few products till now on following Things and serving to the following categories as well:-


  1. PGCE SOLUTION DBMS :- With Easy segment wise Compliance add on and world class features it can be presented to you either via Browser mode or As window or Mac software.

Even syncing can be done right with the app. Software have niche and related to solving problems of MCA21 Efilling and maintenance of records and MIS reporting and Efilling search capabilities.


Our Offerings:-

Monitor Compliances in real time as per latest laws.

Industry and law specific Compliance management Solution and can be customized easily.

Categorization of Rules follow up easily through this software.

Calendar Based, Time based & Event based compliances can be divided easily through this mode.

Work reporting and Compliance Authorization is possible and role creation here in.

Timely Automation reminders can be affixed on industry specific, law specific and time based specification for timely compliance follow up.

Management Information System based role driven Audit Trail and Deep Drill automation capability in compliances through this first time.

MIS reporting Export and Import in any format word, pdf or excel etc can be available.

Filterisation segment Data reporting in real time Management is possible as per segments system setup.

Predefined and Post defined Alteration of Reports in real time is our niche.

Real time Notes and task Assigning can be possible on role defined team proposition mode.

Compliance Management and Audit is easy and flexible using Real time identification of compliance’s and managing same and notifying due compliance’s view.

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Scheduling backlog and complying past compliances which was not done now can be done through data driven non compliances to fully Compliance ready base through our software.

Complying and Performing Safe Encryption and security features are available and can be customized as well as role defined security roles can be allotted with track backs features as well.


For More info Contact us on 9971504105


For More info Contact us on 9971504105

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